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Αυτές είναι κάποιες από τις πιο συνήθεις ερωτήσεις που γίνονται πάνω στο κομμάτι του piercing.

  • How much does a piercing hurt?
  • I want to get a piercing but I don't know if it will suit me.
  • What should I do after having my ears pierced?
  • Regarding cleanliness in the piercing process, what is being done?
  • I'm afraid of needles as I'm going to get a piercing.
  • What should I watch out for if I get an oral piercing?

  1. Pain is completely subjective and varies from person to person. However, the process of a piercing takes more or less a few seconds and is quite tolerable.
  2. As to whether a piercing "fits" someone depends on the anatomy of each person. We can discuss what kind of piercing will best highlight and flatter the particular point.
  3. After getting a piercing you need to follow a healing process. I recommend the BPA natural aftercare which is a vegetable oil for 1+ month after consultation with the piercer who will guide you properly for the piercing you did. You avoid sleeping on your fresh piercing, you avoid touching it with your hands, you don't twist it and you don't move it back and forth.
  4. For the piercing process, our materials (needle, tweezers, jewelry, etc.) are completely sterilized in a dry oven, and immediately after the piercing, the needle, which is disposable, is discarded in a special needle holder, the tweezers are cleaned and then put back into the oven .
  5. One of the responsibilities of a piercer is to be able to reassure you of the concern/fear/anxiety you may have. Whenever in such a case, don't hesitate to talk to him and tell him how you feel.
  6. If you do an oral piercing, avoid eating spicy and hot foods, avoid smoking, alcohol, avoid contact with foreign bodily fluids. After each meal, rinse the piercing with a gargle. Use alcohol-free mouthwash twice a day for healing. After 2 months downsize your piercing. Don't forget to check if the jewelry is tight to avoid swallowing or choking.

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