What is the pain level on piercings?

We gathered the most common questions we get asked about piercing and made a cool guide to help you understand the piercing proccess. If yopu need even more info do not hesitate to contact us.

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I want my first tattoo

Getting your first tattoo sometimes is stressful but worry not, that s' why we are here. We are going to explain every bit of the tattoo proccess and design something unique for you.

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Piercing gun or needle?

2024-01-12 08:10:51

Why would someone choose to do their piercing with a needle and not a piercing gun? The piercing gun creates the hole by applying pressure. This means...

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My experience as a tattoo apprentice in Greece

2024-01-24 12:50:05

To begin with, the process of searching and finding an apprenticeship is the most difficult part. I think that it is not only important to find a stud...

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