My experience as a tattoo apprentice in Greece

To begin with, the process of searching and finding an apprenticeship is the most difficult part. I think that it is not only important to find a studio in general,
but you need to find a studio where you can grow and learn everything around your kraft.

Before you start searching for an apprenticeship you should learn at least the basics of drawing, a good idea would be to take drawing classes so that you have some kind of experience and decide if it's something you like and want to focus on.

I think that one should design things that interest him and try to apply these to tattooing
Having your own style is great but you should have knowledge of the fundamentals and then develop style that you like.

It 's very important to study all tattoo styles, at some point you will need this information to turn your designs into tattoo designs.

From this point on my only advice for people who want to get into tattooing professionally is find artists that you d like to work with in the future and who s work you  admire and support.
You need to make sacrifices and compromises because your job will be to observe and learn while doing the necessary work of a studio (preparation of counters, customer service, etc.) Through the apprenticeship you will initially learn the important rules of hygiene and cleanliness, the technical aspects of tattooing as well as all other aspects of the profession such as customer service and management. 

You will also develop as an artist and learn more about drawing. 

Author: Avlamis
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